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Donnerstag, 8. Dez. 2022 | 18:00 Uhr /// AWO Internationales Zentrum, Talstraße 12, 47445 Moers

Ab 18 Uhr Präsentation des Vereins Kinder Afghanistans (mehr Infos):
Gespräch und afghanisches Fingerfood | Musik ab 19:00 Uhr

Juma Gul

- Traditional music from Afghanistan

  • Mathieu Clavel - Rubab
  • Phelan Burgoyne - Tabla

  • Special Guest - André Meisner an der Duduk

Juma Gul (Friday Flower in Persian) is a collaboration between Swiss ethnomusicologist Mathieu Clavel and British percussionist Phelan Burgoyne exploring the diverse range of ethnic folk music and courtly classical music of Afghanistan. Since the Taliban power grab in August 2021 and the subsequent outlawing of Music, the preservation and performance of this rich artform is even more poignant. Clavel is a student of Ustad Daud Khan Sadozai and Burgoyne a student of Shri Subhajit Brahmachari.


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